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This page advertises limited-time specials from Earth Tools, as well as serving as a listing of used equipment our customers and ourselves have available. This bulletin board gets updated periodically, so check in occasionally to find a deal. Thank you for visiting and keep checking back!

Time to clean out the warehouse! We accumulate an assortment of used and “demo” equipment over time, and they need to find new homes. A 90 day parts and labor warranty is included unless otherwise stated. Here’s what we’ve got:

Like-New BCS 30” tiller $600

This machine was purchased from us new in 2017, and it only got used part of one season…The thing has probably less then 20 hours on it. Equipped with male quick-coupling. It was kept indoors. As you can see in the picture, there is NO wear on the tines…they barely have the paint worn off. This tiller is so nice, we could clean it up and sell it as a “demo”…but we did NO CLEANING AT ALL before taking this picture, to show how little it’s been used.
Available for local pickup, or can be shipped UPS / FedEx (shipping charges extra). REMAINDER OF ORIGINAL FACTORY WARRANTY WILL BE TRANSFERRED OVER TO NEW OWNER!

Contact us for more information: 502-484-3988, or [email protected]

BCS 735 Diesel with 30” tiller $2600

1988 BCS 735 with 6LD400 10.5 HP Lombardini diesel engine. This has a ROPE starter (the kind you wrap a rope around a pulley!), and just to head off the question: NO recoil-start or electric-start upgrade is available on this engine. It’s old-fashioned, but an incredibly tough engine. The PTO has been upgraded to the “combo” flat 3-jaw / splined style with 25mm PTO shaft, and can run any current implement…although some will need adapters. Equipped with “oversize” 6.5x12 Pirelli tires. 5 forward speeds, 2 reverse in tilling mode…has 2 fwd / 2 reverse for front-PTO applications. Other tractor features include locking differential and independent steering brakes. Comes with BCS 30” tiller, on which we have installed seals, bearings, and all new tines. Tractor is also fully serviced by our shop. Not many used diesels come through here - this one will sell quickly, so don’t wait. Available for local pickup, or can be shipped via truck freight (shipping charges extra).

Contact us for more information: 502-484-3988, or [email protected]

18” BCS Tiller $275

BCS 18” tiller with new seals and tines. For 5-6 HP BCS machines with current 3-jaw PTO (or older Splined-PTO BCS machines with an adapter). Has some surface rust & fading on the hood, but no deep rust. Available for local pickup, or ships by parcel carrier (shipping charges extra).

Contact us for more information: 502-484-3988, or [email protected]

18” Tiller to fit BCS 201 or 205 - $200

This 18” tiller implement fit ONLY BCS model 201 and 205 tractors, which have a PTO coupling system that uses 2 spring-loaded clamps & levers. We put new oil seals in this tiller, and it is ready to go. Tines are less than 40% worn. Available for local pickup, or ships by parcel carrier (shipping charges extra).

Contact us for more information: 502-484-3988, or [email protected]

We are advertising the following items for consignment sale; please note  we do not offer any warranty on consignment units, since they are not  “ours” (scroll down to see all listings):

BCS 853 with many implements (TN) PHOTOS BELOW

BCS 853 two wheel tractor with 13 HP Honda Engine, Electric AND recoil start. 1 owner, purchased new in 2013. Includes female quick hitch for tractor. Tractor has 5” x 10” x 20” tires, 3 working speeds in both directions along with transport speed in “tilling” direction for pulling a trailer. Lockable Differential and steering brakes. UPGRADES: debris screen ($59 new) for mowing and “factory” wheel weights ($300 new) for improved traction when working soil (weights not pictured). $3800

BCS 30” tiller and hiller/furrower in good condition. Tines are in good shape. Male Quick hitch included. Tiller can be adjusted to either 30” or 26” widths. UPGRADE: hiller/furrower implement that attaches behind the tiller with a single pin. Both for $650

BCS (Del Morino) 26” brush mower in good condition. Male Quick hitch included. Mower is a 2006 model; new gear box was installed in 2015. $650

BCS 38” lawn mower with bagger in fair working condition; this is about a 1989 model. Male Quick hitch included. Mower has seen weekly use this season and does a good job. Bagger is starting to show it’s age, but a bungee cord modification keeps it functioning well. $800

BCS (Wallenstein) wood splitter in good condition. Can be tilted vertically or horizontally. 2-stage pump which automatically selects high speed/low tonnage or low speed/high tonnage depending on need. Includes the required power cradle that increases the tractor PTO speed to what the splitter requires. UPGRADE: 4-way wedge ($342 new) $2000

BCS compatible Sprayer (bottom 3 photos) Custom made by the IVA company listed on the Earth Tools website. This is a commercial quality highly versatile spray rig that can connect with a BCS 2 wheel tractor via included tow-hitch or towed behind any ATV/ UTV/ truck/ tractor. Large tires make towing a full tank easy. Fatboy ½ HP 12 volt diaphragm pump (6 gpm) 55 gallon HDPE plastic tank. Plumbing includes pressure regulator/ adjuster, inline filter, and re-circulation. Commercial quality handgun with mist to jet adjustability. Boom can spray sideways when arrayed vertically (berry production) or down and height can be adjusted. Individual nozzles can be shut off. Boom height is 72” for each upright when vertical with a 4tf to 6ft adjustable width OR with booms adjusted flat a total horizontal width of 15 feet can be achieved. (Cost $1,915 new)This sprayer has been used in organic fruit production for 3 years. Has only seen organic ORMI NOP approved spray mediums. Sprayer is in good working condition and ready for use. Only selling because I need a larger tank with mechanical agitation. $1200

Located in Roan Mtn, TN Available for local pickup. CONTACT: Ethan Gouge, 423-782-8121 or [email protected]

BCS model 720 tractor with 20” tiller (KY)- $1500

This is roughly a 2000 model BCS 720, powered by the original 8hp Briggs & Stratton Intek Pro engine (manual start). The engine runs fine, and the machine was serviced here at Earth Tools this spring. This tractor model is essentially the same as the current BCS model 722, except with smaller wheels and older-style handlebars (and a Briggs engine rather than a Honda…But if the Briggs gives out, a Honda engine will go right on this thing!). The 20” tiller has tines that have over 75% of the life left in them. Available for local pickup at Earth Tools facility, or ships by truck freight (shipping charges extra).

Contact us for more information: 502-484-3988, or [email protected]

Grillo G107 tractor with Flail Mower, Snowblower and Snow Blade: $4500 for all (Idaho)

This equipment was purchased new from Earth Tools in 2016. In very good working condition. Grillo G107 tractor is equipped with manual-start 11hp GX340 Honda engine, 5x10x20” tires, and a debris screen. Flail mower is 26” Berta. Snowblower is 28” Rescia Guiliano, and the Snow blade is the Grillo 40” snow-dozer blade. All are equipped with quick-couplings.

Contact: Jeremy at 303-961-6614 or [email protected]

BCS 47” Double-Action Cutter Bar & Molon 40” Hayrake/Tedder $2500 for both (PA)

40” Molon Side discharge Hayrake to fit BCS - good condition with minimal use. BCS 47” Double action cutter (sickle) bar mower with oil bath gearbox - additional skids included, plus new blades purchased this year.

$2500 for the pair - local pickup only please.

Contact: Steve at 610-220-0012 or [email protected]

Ravenna Trailer $900 (NC)

Ravenna Trailer. Assembled but never used. $900. Durham NC area

Contact: Frank Hayward at 336-597-1609 or [email protected]

Goldoni Super 600, Tiller, Mower, Furrower, Snowblower $1000 (NC)

1986 Goldoni Super 600, Model 21 Goldoni tiller, rotary mower, hiller/furrower, snowblower (located at Earth Tools shop in KY), buyer picks up. Lovingly used, shed kept, starts on first pull. Turning clutches, 3 forward gears, reverse, and a wheel spin-out feature that allows the user to change the width of the tire spacing.

Forward gears work whether the pto is facing forward or backward (there is a switch on the transmission). Located in Columbia, SC

About the snowblower: Essentially a brand-new (may have been used once or twice) 24” single-stage high-performance snow blower implement to fit Goldoni 600 series walk-behind tractor. This unit may fit on the newer “Jolly” series Goldoni tractors, but we are not sure if the PTO type is exactly the same, since we are not a Goldoni dealer. If you have a Jolly series Goldoni and you want us to find out if it will fit, give us a call at (502) 484-3988. Available for pickup at Earth Tools or ships via truck freight. (photo available by request)

Asking $1000 for all. Best purchased as a set, these are rare machines and implements are VERY hard to find.

Contact: Ben Dubard at 803-307-9694 or [email protected]

Grillo G131 and Reciprocating Spader $7500 (MA)

Grillo G131 with Gramegna reciprocating spader (sold together). Excellent for very heavy duty soilworking applications. Bought new in 2016, still less than 10 hours on the machine. Perfect working condition. Located in Dorchester, MA.

Contact: Rose at 617-822-3276

24” R2 Power Harrow $1100 (MI)

Barely used Italian made R2 Rinaldi, 24” Power Harrow! Less than 10 hours of use. Has a quick coupling for ease of removal and linking up.

This harrow is configured to fit current Grillo G85 - G107 tractors with quick-coupling; will also fit older BCS 725 & 735 machines IF equipped with the Grillo quick-coupler system. ALSO, the PTO flange/shaft on the harrow can be changed to make the harrow fit current BCS machines 8hp & up (new flanges available from Earth Tools).

Seller will hold this for you upon receipt of payment on Paypal. Located in SE Michigan.

Contact: Megan DeLeeuw at [email protected] or 734-718-5506

5x10x20” FOAM-FILLED Adjustable-rim Wheels and Tires to fit BCS or Grillo - WA (no photo)

Price: $300

These are only a couple months old…purchased new from us in April of 2016. The owner wants to upgrade to the next size larger wheel, so he is selling the standard wheels. They have already been filled with solid rubber foam, so they are flat-proof, and have extra weight for extra traction. New set of wheels like this (with foam-filling) is $405. Located in Selah, WA. Available for local pickup, or will ship by UPS. Contact: Joel Hansen @ 509-910-8937 or [email protected]

SEP/Mainline 28” Snow Blower - OH

Price: $375

This 28” snowblower has hardly been used at all. Fits SEP / Mainline “Mountaineer” models –requires clockwise tractor PTO direction (looking at tractor PTO) when tractor is in Front-PTO mode. (This should be the 1500 Mountaineer [rather than the 1300], but as we are not an SEP dealer, I would rather not claim it for sure…any interested parties can just look at their tractor PTO rotation for verification.) At this time, we do NOT have adapters available to adapt this snowblower to any other tractor. Unit is located in Elyria, OH. Contact: Tom Bowen (440) 387-8733 or [email protected]


This fellow has an old Mainline (produced by SEP of Italy) Ladybug machine, and is looking for a machine to buy for a “parts” tractor, being that parts are getting hard to come by on the SEP units. The most important thing would be the actual rototiller implement, as his tractor does not have one (he has a mower only) SO: if someone out there has an old Ladybug (or 2+2, which is about the same) unit with a blown engine, this fellow might take it off your hands. Contact: Ben Hoyt, 603-443-0379

We will gladly post any European walk behind equipment (BCS, Grillo, Mainline, SEP, etc.) on this bulletin board for you; our fee is $25.00 and we will leave the posting up for one year or until your equipment sells. Just email Joel at [email protected] with what you want us to list, information on the equipment, price, pictures (maximum of 3), and your contact info. We will put your contact info in the posting; interested parties can contact you directly to get more info, offers, etc. and the buyer makes the purchase directly from you. After your equipment sells, please contact Joel at [email protected] or 502-484-3988, so we can take down the posting.

If you sell something that needs to be shipped truck freight, we can arrange the goods to be shipped using our freight account. This way, you get our huge shipping discount, helping to keep a long-distance sale from being too daunting for the buyer. Goods can be picked up from your location (most of the time). We charge $50 per shipment for this service in addition to the actual freight cost. Payment by VISA, Mastercard, or Discover card is accepted.

Sellers or buyers are welcome to email [email protected] or call 502-484-3988 for truck freight quotes.

Here is a list of Trade Shows we plan on displaying at in the upcoming Winter season:

OEFFA (Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association) Annual Conference and Trade show, Feb. 14-16, 2019; Dayton, OH. Details: http://www.oeffa.org/

OAK (Organic Association of Kentucky) Annual conference & Trade Show, March 2, 2019; Lexington KY. Details: https://www.oak-ky.org/conference (THIS EVENT IS ACTUALLY MARCH 1ST AND 2ND, BUT WE WILL ONLY HAVE OUR DISPLAY BOOTH UP ON THE 2ND)

Organic Growers School Spring Conference and Trade show, March 8 - 10 2019, Asheville, NC. Details: http://organicgrowersschool.org/events/annual-spring-conference/

Thanks! Hope to see you there! – Earth Tools, 502-484-3988