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Tractors are priced WITHOUT IMPLEMENTS.
For implement (tillers, mowers etc.) prices, see Implement prices

Tractors are listed in order of size/implement capability
(All prices shown on this website or on our invoices are in U.S. Dollars)

Brand /
Engine / Std. Wheel SizeRetail Price EARTH TOOLS
Sale Price
Promo Price
(Ends 12/31/16)
Electric Start
BCS 710 6hp Subaru/Robin / 4x8x16" $1632 $1550 $1509 N/A
9hp Subaru/Robin / 4x8x16" $1950 $1850 $1804 N/A
BCS 712 6.5hp Honda / 4x8x16" $2175 $2065 N/A N/A
8hp Honda / 4x10x18" $2500 $2375 N/A N/A
BCS 718 6.5hp Honda / 4x8x16" $2220 $2109 $1998 N/A
BCS 722 8hp Honda / 4x10x18" $2675 $2540 $2407 Add $300
Grillo G85 7hp Kohler / 4x8x16" $1699 $1650 N/A N/A
8.5hp Yamaha / 4x8x16" $1899 $1750 N/A N/A
9hp Subaru/Robin / 4x10x18" $2149 $1940 N/A N/A
9hp Honda / 4x10x18" $2149 $2040 N/A Add $250
Grillo G85D 9hp Subaru/Robin / 4x10x18" $2484 $2250 N/A N/A
9hp Honda / 4x10x18" $2484 $2350 N/A Add $250
10hp Yamaha / 5x10x20" $2534 $2400 N/A N/A
BCS 732 11hp Honda / 5x10x20" $3449 $3275 $3104 Add $300
BCS 739 11hp Honda / 5x10x20" $3449 $3275 $3104 Add $300
Grillo G107D 11hp Honda / 5x10x20" $2984 $2850 N/A Add $350
11.5hp Yamaha / 5x10x20" $2984 $2750 N/A N/A
8hp Kohler Diesel / 5x10x20" $4234 $3990 N/A included
BCS 749 13hp Honda / 5x10x20" $4275 $4060 $3847 Add $375
Grillo G110 13hp Honda / 5x12x22" $3699 $3350 N/A Add $350
14hp Subaru / 5x12x22" $3749 $3450 N/A Add $350
11hp Kohler Diesel / 5x12x22" $4999 $4650 N/A included
BCS 852 13hp Honda / 5x10x20" $4275 $4060 $3847 Add $375
14hp Subaru/Robin 1,2 / 5x10x20" $4475 $4250 $4027 Add $375
11hp Kohler Diesel 2 / 5x12x22" $5699 $5400 N/A included
BCS 853 13hp Honda / 5x10x20" $4275 $4060 $3847 Add $375
14hp Subaru/Robin 1,2 / 5x10x20" $4475 $4250 $4027 Add $375
11hp Kohler Diesel 2 / 5x12x22" $5699 $5400 $5129 included
BCS 750 13hp Honda / 6.5x12x23" $4740 $4500 $4266 Add $375
Grillo 131 16hp Briggs Vanguard / 6.5x12x23" $4799 $4400 N/A Add $350

Tractors are listed in order of size/implement capability

BCS 620 8hp Honda / 4x10x18" $3190 $3030 N/A N/A
Grillo GF 4 9hp Honda / 4x10x18" $2799 $2500 N/A N/A

BCS 853 with 30" manual crimper-roller implement

1 - Limited Availability
2 - Engine custom installed at
3 - Special Order Only

NOTE: Tractors are all priced with standard wheels as listed on the Tractor Specification page. For units with 4x8 fixed wheels, add $100 to upgrade to 4x10 adjustable wheels. For units with 5x10 tires, add $70 for 5x12 or $110 for 6.5x12. Prices for solid-foam-filled wheel options listed on our Tractor Accessories page. Call for prices on other wheel options.

For a Full List of Tractor & Implement Accessories -
See the Accessories Prices.

"Gas vs. Diesel"

One of the questions we get asked all the time is: "What is the best engine for me? Gas or Diesel?" Well, here are some reasons to mull over:

BCS 853 with Kohler diesel & 5x12x22” wheels

First, we'll do diesel PROS:

  1. Properly maintained, a diesel engine can last 2 to 3 times as long as a gasoline engine. (This is why the diesels cost more ... you are buying the "potential lifespan" up front.)
  2. In these small air-cooled engines, diesels use 1/2 to 1/3 the amount of fuel a gas engine consumes doing the same work. (This is where diesels can "pay off" ... IF you're using the tractor enough hours per year.)
  3. Diesel engines give the option of running lower-cost and/or environmentally friendlier BioDiesel fuel.
  4. Better low-speed torque on a diesel engine (Note that the diesel engine options on most of the tractors have a lower horsepower rating than the gas option ... but from a working standpoint, the "working torque" averages close to the same as the gas. [The diesel has more torque at low engine speeds, but the gas has more torque at full engine speed.])

And, to be fair, here are some 'CONS' to the diesel engines:

  1. More noise than a gas engine
  2. More vibration than a gas engine
  3. More initial cost than a gas engine
  4. Harder starting in cold weather
  5. Virtually requires the electric start option, while the gas engines start easily with manual start
  6. Heavier than Gas engines (may require extra implement counter-balancing)
  7. Typically harder to find local parts & service for the diesel engines (service centers for the gas engine options are very common)
  8. Diesels are fussier about moisture in the fuel…in a Gas engine, water in the fuel will cause the engine to run poorly; when you get the water out, the engine will typically be OK. If you get water in a diesel fuel system, however, you will quickly spend several hundred dollars for a new fuel injection system, because a few drops of water can RUIN it!

Most of the time, the choice comes down to Economics: how long will it take for the cost savings of running a diesel to pay for the higher initial investment? Typically, folks who are putting a lot of hours on the tractor (200 to 250 plus hours per year) would be well advised to consider the diesel, because the extra investment will pay off in a reasonable amount of time. Of course, the higher the price of fuel is, the quicker it pays off! (even if diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline, the fuel cost savings still add up--more slowly, of course--but keep in mind that the diesel uses 1/2 to 1/3 the fuel of the gas engines.)

If the tractor is only used 50 - 100 hours or so per year, diesel is really not an economically desirable option...it would take a lifetime (or more) to pay for itself. (Unless, of course, you would choose the diesel solely based on other reasons, like being able to use a biofuel, etc.)

We have the most experience with the Italian made Lombardini (now owned by the American company Kohler) diesel engines which have been standard equipment in Europe on BCS and Grillo machines for over 25 years. We stock parts, for and provide authorized warranty service for, the Lombardini/Kohler diesels. We keep filters and a few other parts in stock for the Yanmar diesel engines (which were used on a few BCS machines), but we are NOT an authorized warranty or repair center for Yanmar.

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