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bahco_logoBahco Pruners and Snips
Bahco (formerly Sandvik) professional tools are designed to meet the exacting demands of expert users. They are efficient, well balanced, highly dependable tools that are primarily intended for gardening professionals such as vineyard workers and landscape gardeners. The cutting blades are expertly designed, shape and heat treated to give a sharp, long-lasting cutting edge. The off-center bolt gives a clean cut (the wood is not crushed and the fiber is not bruised). The bolt is secured with a nylon padded lock nut, which will not slacken during use. Ergonomically designed handles offer a comfortable and powerful grip. Springs and rubber buffer ensure smooth action. Quick release locking/safety catch makes the shears safe for transport and storage.

P128-19 - Bahco Professional Florist Snips
Special professional florist snips. Hardened, long narrow blades for close trimming work. Lightweight orange handles; handles are symmetrical for added comfort.
Hand Size: Small
Length: 8”
Weight: 3 oz.
Price: $12.00

P127-19 - Professional Harvest Snips
This is our most popular lightweight snips because of it’s serrated counterblade, which keeps slick stems from “popping out” while cutting. Very popular for vegetable harvesting. My wife, an Herbalist, uses it to cut up roots prior to making extracts. Cuts up to 1/4” wood; 1/2” soft stems.
Length: 7.5”
Weight: 3 oz.
Price: $12.00

P123-19 - Bahco Professional “Grape” Snips
This snip is designed for use by grape growers to thin vines and harvest the grapes. The P123 has a long and fine bypass cutting head that provides a clean, efficient cut. The needle nose like blades are great for cutting in tight places and is especially good for cutting fruit and dead heads. The plastic holster come with the tool. Cuts up to 3/8” wood.
Length: 7.5”
Weight: 3.5 oz.
Price: $12.00

PG10  - Bahco Pruner
This pruner features fiberglass handles for high strength and light weight.  Cutting blades are fully professional quality, as with all Bahco products, but like the above P126 pruner, this economically-priced model has no replacement parts available except for the spring.  Has a handy thumb-operated lock.
Cuts up to 7/8” wood. Retail price $26.99!
Hand Size: Medium-to-Large
Length: 8.5”
Weight: 8 oz.
Price: $15.00 While they last!

P126  - Bahco Pruner
This steel-handled pruner has the same quality as our P121 series in the next column, but does not have replacement parts available.
Cuts up to 3/4”
Hand Size: Medium
Length: 7.3”
Weight: 8oz.
Price: $16.00 While they last!

Bahco ErgoRange  Rotating Handle Pruners
These new Bahco pruners feature ergonomically molded composite handles which are very strong and lightweight. Cutting head and handle angles also re-engineered for less operator fatigue.   Rotating handle for no blisters! Cuts up to .75 inch.

PGRM2 Rotating Handle
Length: 8”
Weight: 9 oz.
Price: $29.00

Bahco Professional Pruner
Professional model with narrow, pointed blades. Replaceable cutting blades. Tubular steel plate handles and precision swivel bolt with nylon lock nut. P121-18 is particularly popular with women.

Hand Size: Small
Cut: 5/8”
Length: 7”
Weight: 8 oz.
Price: $25.00

Hand Size: Medium
Cut: 3/4”
Length: 8”
Weight: 9 oz.
Price: $26.00


Hand Size: Large
Cut: 1”
Length: 9”
Weight: 12 oz.
Price: $27.00

P1-3822 - Bahco Anvil Pruner
Modular design, light shears with anti-friction coating, replaceable cutting blade, cuts against a fixed aluminum anvil. Swivel bolt with nylon padded lock nut, spring, and rubber buffers. Closed tubular section steel plate handles. Ideal for cutting dead wood, rubber and thin wire. Cutting capacity: up to .8”
Hand Size: Large
Length: 9”
Weight: 0.6 lbs
Price: $42.00

Bahco Sharp-X Carbide Sharpener
This doesn’t look like much, but this is one heck of a sharpener.  The four Tungsten Carbide edges make short work of honing your cutting tools to a fine edge, and the very small size makes it easy to get in those tight spots like pruner or lopper blades. Rubber-coated handle for a good grip.  These retail for $17.99!
Length: 6”
Price: $12 While they last!


Pruner Holsters
Two choices: We have a lovely little holster which is hand-made by Karen Stack of Gulland Forge in NC...it comes with a military-grade carabineer, which clips onto a belt loop or anything like it. Has a Leaf design embossed on the side.





Also, we have a Bahco brand holster, which will accept pruners or folding saws, and has belt slots AND a belt clip.

Item Gulland-P: 8.5” overall, Price $24.00
Item PROF-H: 9” overall, Price $22.00

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