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bahco_logoBahco Loppers and Shears
A quality Bahco lopper plays a significant role in the fast healing of a cut. This is particularly important when cutting and pruning fruit trees. The cleaner the cut, the faster the healing process is complete. Thus, the superior quality of the resulting fruit.   Bahco loppers are known world wide for this superior cutting capacity; not only on fruit trees, but for clearing undergrowth, and thinning hedges.  This is achieved through expert design, high quality Bahco steel and extensive testing.  The cutting blades on Bahco loppers are precision sharpened to a smooth cutting, long-lasting edge. The fixed blade is drop forged to a sharp curved hook that grips the branch firmly and helps prevent slipping. Like Bahco pruners, the swivel head bolt and nylon padded lock-nut are off-centered from the point where the blade and counterblade meet. Thus the cut is clean - the wood is not crushed and the fiber is not bruised. On Bypass Loppers, replaceable rubber buffers stop the handles when fully closed.  All parts on these professional tools are replaceable, although we’ve only had to sell one blade in 15 years!   Why are there two types of loppers? CLICK HERE

P16 Series - Bahco Professional Lopping Shears
Extremely lightweight and highly efficient, the P16 series of lopping shears are designed for trimming branches, bushes and undergrowth. They are also perfect for cutting back vines. The fixed blade is forged and stepped to reduce friction to a minimum. The cutting blade features two cutting radii that work at different moments during the cut. The first radius starts the cut with a heavy slicing action, the second finishes the cut with a long, smooth sliding cut. The P16 series of lopping shears come with replaceable fixed blade and cutting blade. Cutting capacity: up to 1.2”

P16-60 (
handle on this size is orange)
Length: 24”
Weight: 2.2 lbs
Price: $62.00


Length: 28”
Weight: 2.7 lbs
Price: $69.00

P1980 - Bahco Professional Lopping Shear
Bahco’s heavy-duty professional version of the 16 series - great for landscapers. Lightweight aluminum handles provide strength and durability. In addition to pruning trees, the P1980 is perfect for clearing undergrowth, thinning hedges and other pruning operations. Cutting capacity: up to 2”.
Length: 32”
Weight: 3.9 lbs
Price: $120.00

P172-SL-85 - Bahco Professional Anvil Lopper
Bahco’s best anvil lopper. Designed primarily for cutting dry and dead wood, the P172-SL-85 can also be used to cut green wood. XYLAN coated blade reduces friction and protects against rust. The aluminum anvil both supports the branch during cutting and acts as a buffer for the blade, thus preventing damage. It enables the blade to make a sharp, clean cut with minimum damage to the wood. Sliding "Double Lever" action provides greater leverage during cuts. Cutting capacity: up to 2”
Length: 33.5”
Weight: 2.7 lbs
Price: $86.00

P59-25 Bahco Hedge Shears
Heavy gauge steel blades connected by a padded lock nut make a clean cut throughout the entire blade length and prevent the blades from coming apart. Strong tubular steel handles are coated with bright orange epoxy resin for rust protection. The Bahco P59-25 also features molded hand grips, and double stop buffers. Cutting capacity: up to 1/5” wood.  Retail price $46.99!!

Length: 23”
Weight: 1.7 lbs
Price: $36.00 While they last!!

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